fort huachuca

Fort Huachuca National Historic Landmark

Fort Huachuca Historic Officers QuartersFort Huachuca, constructed in 1877, was one of a chain of forts established to guard southern Arizona against the Chiricahua Apaches, led by Geronimo. It was here that the Army organized an elite strike force that chased Geronimo and his followers through Mexico’s Sierra Madre during the summer of 1886, compelling their surrender. Fort Huachuca was also the headquarters of the famed 10th Cavalry, the “Buffalo Soldiers,” one of the Army’s elite black cavalry corps.

Today the Fort is still an active Army post and covers more than 70,000 acres, 110 of which are the “Old Post Area.” This historic district contains many notable buildings, among them the Post Commander’s headquarters, called the Pershing House, an adobe structure built in 1884; the barracks, built around 1882-1883; Leonard Wood Hall, a large two-storied building used as the hospital; and the Fort Huachuca History Museum, an adobe and stone building originally used as the post chapel.

Official ceremonies are still performed on Brown Parade Field in the historic area, and often include a presentation by the mounted B Troop Cavalry, outfitted in full historic uniforms.

Old Post Cemetery

Established in 1877, this cemetery is an emotional “read” for devotees of military history and the final resting place of many historic figures that helped shape the West. Allow 30 minutes. From the Van Deman Gate, stay on Hatfield (becomes Lawton after crossing Smith Ave.); right on Winrow; left onto Mizner; right on Grierson; right on Huachuca Canyon Road; left onto Burt Road. 800-288-3861.

Fort Huachuca Reservoir HillReservoir Hill Overlook

Located on the southern portion of the overlook this is truly one of the majestic viewpoints of the San Pedro Valley. Allow 15–30 minutes. Outdoor amenities only. From the Van Deman Gate, stay on Hatfield (becomes Lawton after crossing Smith Ave.); right on Winrow; left onto Mizner; right on Grierson; left onto Huachuca Canyon Road; left onto Reservoir Hill Road. 800-288-3861.

Still an active military installation, visitors must stop at the Visitor Processing Center prior to entering the gates. Click here for information about accessing Fort Huachuca. International visitors should contact the City of Sierra Vista Public Information Office at least 3 weeks prior to visiting. Personal use photography of wildlife and historic buildings is permitted. Commercial or media photography and videography is not permitted. Please direct questions concerning permissible photography to the Fort Huachuca Public Affairs Office at (520) 533-1850.