You’ll find dozens of trails near Sierra Vista with varying elevations for both hiking, horseback, and bicycling. Enjoy a stroll along the San Pedro River, near-alpine hiking in the Coronado National Forest, and everything in between. Always bring plenty of water, and take care during the warmer months and mid-day heat. Remember, feet and hooves are allowed in wilderness areas, but bicycles and motorized vehicles are not.

list of local trails and their features

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Sierra Vista marks the southern terminus of the Arizona National Scenic Trail, an 800-mile cross-state route that traverses mountains, deserts, canyons, forests, and communities from Mexico to Utah. Along the way, you’ll experience some of the most breath-taking landscapes in North America. The trail is free and open every day with easy on and off points for day hikes or longer treks. Traverse by foot, bicycle or horseback—even snowshoes or skis in the higher elevations! Begin your Arizona Trail excursion at the Coronado National Memorial.

Take a stroll along the San Pedro River, starting at the San Pedro House. This Riparian National Conservation Area is a haven for birds and wildlife, so bring your binoculars.

Other popular hikes include riding, walking, or running the 30-miles of multi-use paths that criss-cross Sierra Vista. Click here for a map.

Click here to download a Mountain Trails map showing popular destinations for mountain bikers and hikers.

Click on these USFS, Sierra Vista Ranger District maps for popular local trails: Brown Canyon Ranch, Carr Nature Trail, Lower Carr Canyon,
Carr Canyon Road, Rec Guide.

For up-to-date information on trail conditions, contact:
U.S. Forest Service • Sierra Vista Ranger Station
4070 S. Avenida Saracino, Hereford AZ 85615
(520) 378-311 • www.fs.usda.gov

National Park Service
(520) 366-5515 • www.nps.gov

Bureau of Land Management
4070 S. Avenida Saracino, Hereford AZ 85615
(520) 439-6400 • www.blm.gov

Sierra Vista Visitor Center
3020 E. Tacoma Street, Sierra Vista AZ 85635
(520) 417-6960 • www.VisitSierraVista.com