Visiting Mexico

Sierra Vista has a long and deep relationship with Sonora, Mexico. Located about 20 miles north of the border, the nearest port of entry is at Naco, a 45 mile drive. The community of Naco, Sonora is a small pass-through for those headed south but the port of entry generally yields a quick crossing due to light use. To explore a thriving metropolis just across the line, consider a day trip to Aqua Prieta, Sonora via Douglas, AZ.

Agua Prieta

Agua Prieta is a quiet, thriving city and is also a popular shopping destination for locals and visitors alike. Contact the Douglas Visitor Center for information about parking in the U.S. and crossing by foot. You may also cross by car. You are not required to show any identification to enter Mexico, but will need it for re-entry to the United States. Upon re-entry, you will be asked to declare international purchases and there are limits on the number of certain items you can bring back. For more information about visiting Mexico, visit the U.S. State Department website.


Cananea is Sierra Vista’s sister city in Mexico (Radebuel, Germany is another). Known for its vast copper mine, Cananea is located about 70 miles south of Sierra Vista via Mexico’s Hwy 2. This charming town is nestled in between mountains and rolling hills. Be sure to visit the Cananea Jail museum and Colonel Greene House. William Cornell Green, an American businessman, discovered the rich copper reserves in Cananea.

Pesos vs. Dollars

Most merchants accept US currency. Use the currency converter below before you go and you’ll have a guide for prices on Mexican products and services.