sierra vista sunset


There are innumerable stories just waiting to be written about Sierra Vista and the surrounding area. Not only is Sierra Vista world-renowned for birding and military history, the extraordinary outdoors—and culinary scene—get ideas flowing.

Did you know…

  • Sierra Vista has four distinct seasons, marked with an explosion of spring wildflowers, brilliant summer days, autumn gold, and even snowy winters?
  • Sierra Vista is smack dab in the middle of Arizona Wine Country, with the Willcox region to the northeast and Sonoita/Elgin to the west, plus the Sonora wine region to the south?
  • Sierra Vista is home to more than two dozen ethnic restaurants, serving authentic international meals?
  • Sierra Vista has recorded history as far back as the Pleistocene Era, and mammoths once roamed (and were hunted) by hunter-gatherer people 13,000 years ago?
  • Sierra Vista, home to the U.S. Army’s Fort Huachuca, is the official home of the Buffalo Soldiers and 10th Cavalry, the most decorated unit in the Army’s history?
  • Sierra Vista is nestled against the Huachuca Mountains, offering ready access to thousands of acres for hiking and mountain biking?
  • Sierra Vista’s summer monsoon season brings weather like nowhere else in Arizona, with soaring clouds, booming thunder, and heavy rain? And after the storms, the sky quickly clears for ridiculously brilliant sunsets? (Sierra Vista skies are so incredible that parts of Oklahoma were filmed here.)
  • A decades-long research project, hummingbird banding, is based in Sierra Vista, tracking the routes and lives of these tiny travelers?
  • Sierra Vista’s geography has created a unique airspace—only one of two places in the world—that creates ideal conditions for communications R&D?
  • Sierra Vista has one of the lowest sign lighting standards in the nation, protecting its dark skies and giving astronomers ample opportunity to view and study the firmament?
  • Sierra Vista is home to the Arizona Folklore Preserve, which frequently hosts Arizona’s official state balladeer Dolan Ellis?

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